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•  Air India’s new branding was released about two weeks ago, and it’s still generating an entire raft of definite online feelings. Some people are confused by it, while others are disgusted. Even worse, still others are apathetic, finding themselves unable to engage with the new plan.

Created by FutureBrand, the new branding includes a new logo called “The Vista.” It’s a bird- or glider-like shape that was inspired by the peak of a traditional Indian window and is meant to inspire a “window of possibilities.” Many customers, at this point, remain uninspired.


• Alternative Airlines is a global flight search and booking site that is expanding its service around the world. It distinguishes itself by offering an easier, more convenient, and more personalized experience.

Its new logo has a more solid and mature feel than the company’s previous and more illustrative logo. Its wordmark contains a hint of American Airlines; it feels sensible and safe—completely appropriate for a company associated with air travel).

Its icon references a compass, a power-on button, forward direction, and the trajectory of airline travel.

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