Style-forward dying

Stylized Coffins

Death: it may be the last thing on Earth that has not already been conquered by branding. Exit Here, a stylish new funeral parlor in London, has done away with dark and somber Victorian precepts surrounding eternal rest. Its goal is to shine light onto the funeral experience, transforming it into something that truly honors the dearly departed’s life and personality. 

Stylish Funerals

With more people preplanning their funerals, “style-forward dying”—yes, that’s a thing—is in demand, but most traditional funeral establishments are literally not built to accommodate special requests. Everything about Exit Here, from its architecture, floor plan, and lighting, to its cheeky name, logo design, and casket and urn selections, celebrates the person. It’s a fresh yet respectful approach that stresses life, not mortality, and it’s hard to imagine that the concept won’t soon catch on throughout the industry. (In fact, see for more brand shifting.)

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