Spotify's New Font and Feel

Spotify worked with Berlin foundry Dinamo Typefaces to create Spotify Mix, a bespoke mash-up font that replaces Circular, the font previously used for the streaming service’s in-app and desktop experiences. The font is also variable, so weight, slant, width, and height can be changed quickly and easily without requiring separate files.

“Spotify Mix is a variable font designed just for us, and we consider it, quite literally, a remix,” says Rasmus Wängelin, Spotify’s head of brand design. “To design this typeface, we broke free from traditional typographic constraints and merged elements from a variety of font styles. This approach mirrors the dynamic and evolving nature of audio culture over the years.... The result is a sans-serif typeface that blends features from both classic and contemporary styles, creating a distinctive and unique look. We subtly incorporated the shapes of sound waves to evoke a rhythmic feel.”

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