See-through Identities

• Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv have created a new 100th-anniversary identity for Warner Bros. based on the tagline “Celebrating Every Story.” As Warner Bros. has plenty of stories to celebrate, the see-through solution the designers created is especially apt.


In its base form, the logo is a solid and bold 100 graphic. But the forms easily transform into windows, frames, and backdrops through and around which stories can be shared.


• The Biodiversity Council is a collective of Australia’s top experts from a diverse range of cultures and disciplines to create credible, positive solutions to the biodiversity crisis in the country. Design firm Principals created the organization’s new identity.


From a Principals’ representative: “At the heart of the identity are the building blocks of life. A modular design system captures the vibrancy and variety of life in contemporary and colourful abstract forms. These were used to create a biodiverse brandmark and an extended visual language across all touchpoints.”


The outline of the “blocks of life” in the main logo are turned into windowpanes of sorts that easily be laid on top of any photo the organization might use and brand with the Biodiversity Council mark. The building block shapes can also be used alone or in combination to form an entire suite of accessory graphics.


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