Retailer Rebrands

• Fashion retailer Very wanted to expand beyond its mostly female audience, but in creating a rebrand with the help of creative agency Someone, it also discovered that it needed a more legible online brand. With 82 percent of sales coming from mobile devices, it was clear a simpler, more readable wordmark was needed.

Someone worked with type foundry F37 to create a bespoke typeface, Very Sans, that still had plenty of personality but also had a stronger feel that was neither specifically male or female.

• Symbol is a brand of hi-fi furniture that embraces many eras, from 1960s and 1970s typography and colors to mid-century furniture design, in order to connect with today’s music lovers. Its collection includes vinyl storage and home listening solutions that are unique in the furniture world.

The Symbol wordmark is all 1970s, almost as if it were dry-transferred down from a particularly groovy page of Letraset lettering. Its logo is reminiscent of a turntable sitting at the center of an S.

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