Renewing the ID for Renewable Energy

As the fourth-largest wind energy producer in the world, EDP has set lofty goals, including a commitment to 100 percent renewable generation by 2030 and to be coal-free by 2025. To inspire internal and external audiences to support these goals, the company turned to Pentagram to create a new brand strategy: Changing tomorrow now.

The vibrant new identity is built on the spiral, a recurrent theme in nature as well as a pattern that is readily identifiable in spinning windmills.

From the Pentagram website. “The spiral was generated by placing a dot on a circulating surface, triggered by the circular movement, the dot naturally draws a line that creates the spiral shape without any human interference. That spiral movement represents the connection between everything in nature.”

The brand’s open, friendly wordmark favors the rounded shapes in the spiral. The d and p neatly reflect each other, visually symbolizing the concept of renewable energy.

Images from nature compliment the plan, and the color palette ranges from natural shades to very energetic hues.

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