Rebrand Shorts

• OpenWeb, previously Spot.IM, seeks to spark conversations amongst publishers, audiences, and advertisers, all on a publisher’s own site. The goal is enhance relationships and written communication. COLLINS developed a new logo for the company that reflects this goal.

From a Transform article, “COLLINS also developed a new logo in the shape of seven W’s that form the letter O, which aims to symbolize harmony and exchange, and is complemented by a tight color system.”

• Crypto-currency is definitely part of the contemporary conversation, but it’s a difficult subject to understand and embrace. Design studio Blond created a more humanized identity for Vent, a platform that allows users to identify investment opportunities in their earliest stages. Blond’s solution stresses Vent’s benefit rather than its technological underpinnings.

The all-lowercase, bespoke type logo has an organic, natural feel. The sides of the v look like leaves on a growing plant, an apt analogy to represent emerging opportunity. The subtle curves are replicated in the notch on the n and the top of the t. The design feels approachable and friendly, yet solid.

• Pennymac is a national home loan lender and servicer focusing on the U.S. market. It has experienced incredible growth in the last decade, but its logo had not really kept pace. Pennymac’s new logo (unattributed so far) builds on the familiar roofline used in the company’s old logo. The shape is transformed into an origami-like triangle that folds and unfolds to form many different shapes, including a house, a heart, an arrow, patterning, and more.

In the logo/wordmark lock-up, two triangles are overlapped to form a solid, stable, sheltering structure. What the company calls “a window to the future” is protected in the shelter of the mated forms.

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