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 Russian design agency Depot has created a clever branding scheme for a dairy client that builds a strong presence on store shelves. Using a bright blue that had long been the client’s trademark color, the agency created a charming cat that rolls, stalks, and scampers across milk packaging, creating triptychs and quadritychs that easily captures the attention of shoppers. 


Other dairy products carry smaller but no less charming images, all using simple white and blue with other simple splashes of color. The effect suggests cleanliness, freshness, and playfulness.




Swisher International, manufacturer of the famous Swisher Sweet cigar, has a new identity it hopes will attract new adult consumers. The nearly 160-year-old company will now be called just Swisher.

The new system’s logo incorporates, in the negative space of the initial letter S, the top and bottom of the familiar Swisher Sweets cigar brand crest.



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