Quick Mentions...

 Renault has a joined the traffic jam of car manufacturers that has recently introduced a new identity to recognize its commitment to the electric vehicle market. Similar to other manufacturers’ approaches, this new EV logo is flat and neon-like.




MGM has annoyed a long line of lions in the history of its complicated logo. You can view the mark’s history at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewtS6mVHx6s. The studios have a brand-new version that still honors the gold, the lion, and the drama.




Google Fonts has a new logo that better reflects the many products Google offers now as well as what it could offer in the future. From a company release: "We decided to rebrand our monogram ‘F’ symbol and turn it into something new that captures the essence of the products and services that Google Fonts offers. The new visual mark gives us greater design flexibility, as well as inspiration for the overall look and feel of the UI to better reflect our vision for the future of Fonts."



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