Quick Takes

• Mother Design has created a new and more positive identity progam for Jägermeister, the herbal liqueur that many imbibers love to hate (at least on the morning after).

The rounded corners of the bottle and earthy color of its labeling drove the entire plan, which includes festive, bright colors and rounded-corner photo frames full of young people in brightly lighted spaces—not dark bars. The photo frames can also contain messaging such as “Serve as -18” and “Flavored with 56 botanticals.”




• Gush is a brand of paint which removes pollutants from indoor air. Pebntagram’s Eddie Opara has created a rebrand for the product that is built on small circular dots that can be used in many ways: to represent air or pollutants, to form shapes or icons, and in animations. The dots are even embedded in headline type.

The logo itself repeats the round shape in the “g.” The “g” and “H” bracket the “us” at the middle of the name, suggesting protection.




• The CW has rebranded as just CW. However, according to a Variety article, “The CW will still refer to itself as ‘The CW.” But the “The” will now be implied, instead of in the logo.”

The logo itself is a tad bolder. The big change is the color: the newtwork’s familiar green has been replaced with what CW in-house designers call “hot sauce,” a hot red-orange.



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