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  • In 1949, when Bill Bernbach and Ned Doyle left Grey Advertising and joined Mac Dane to form Doyle Dane Bernbach in Manhattan, they likely never dreamed their small office would grow up to become DDB Worldwide Communications Group, or DDB, one of the largest advertising and PR firms in the world. To celebrate the firm's 70th anniversary, DDB has introduced a new/old identity that brings back the founders' names.

    The new mark is essentially a rework of the DDB's first logo—two D's stacked to form a B—with the actual names placed inside.


  • Pandora's has introduced a new sonic logo, its first in the streaming company's 19 years of life.  In a recent AdAge article, Steve Keller, Pandora's sonic strategy director, says he hears many nuances in the logo.

    “I hear energy, friendly human-ness and a group of voices both male and female. What you are hearing now is the starting point. And we will drill that into your ears and brain like an earworm. But as we change it up over time, it may reflect a certain mood, or the listener—they will still hear ‘Pandora,’ but the melody may speak to them differently.”

    Pandora's graphic logo was redesigned in 2016.

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