On Ignoring Negative Chatter

Wolff Olins recently helped Standard Life Aberdeen create its new brand, Abrdn, and both have caught hell for it. But neither the client nor the design agency seems too fussed about all the fuss.


As per usual with so many brand redesigns, social media fans the flames of outrage with even the most modest brand alterations. It has really become the knee-jerk response. But in this case, given the reaction of the client and design team, the Abrdn release feels different. Instead of snapping into defense mode or pleading for a wait-and-see attitude, SLA and WO have stayed above the fray, trusting their decisions and ignoring chatter.


There were myriad reasons behind the Abrdn identity, made by a confident client and a well-educated agency. As the most informed people involved, they have maintained the upper hand in the release and have not let social media drive the experience.



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