On Leaving a Legacy

• Colin Forbes, co-founder of Pentagram, died on May 22, 2022. He created timeless logos for Nissan, Pirelli, British Petroleum, Kubota, and Design & Art Direction (D&AD). But he is just as well-known for the structure he created for Pentagram, which continues to grow and change by bringing together extraordinary talent and giving them the space and time to design. He “designed the practice of design itself,” according to one AIGA tribute.




• Chief strategy officer at Principle, Veb Anand, shares in a short essay where brand designers can fail their clients’ expectations, despite what they think are their best efforts. Complete follow-through, in the form of brand implementation planning and execution, are critical to creating success for the client.


“Brand implementation planning and execution are elements that require a lot of heavy lifting but are critical in embedding a new brand strategy. When planned well in advance and integrated into the brand development process, strategic brand implementation can result in more effective brand strategy at the front-end, higher efficiency, reduction in wastage and brand assets that deliver real utility and value for brand owners. It means that a better brand experience can be delivered to their customers and stakeholders easier, faster and cheaper.”

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