Not Your Grandpa's University

In a recent PRINT article, Steven Heller shares a truly disruptive rebrand of Nazarene University by Chicago-based design firm Span. The designers kicked out crests, sharp-serifed wordmarks, classic academic colors, and any other aspect that smells even vaguely of the stuffy hallowed halls of academia.


Span principal Nick Adam explains the origins of the final design. “In dialogues with the students, we learned that within their circles, Nazareth is affectionately known as Naz. A century ago, the university’s foundation was laid by four Ph.D. nuns. Today, Nazareth stands as an inclusive learning community encompassing individuals from diverse backgrounds and faiths. Opting for Naz as the core logo introduced an element of separation from its faith-rooted past. The three letterforms, N-a-z, were derived from the students themselves, forming a pivotal strategy in our journey to revamp the institution’s image into one that radiates inclusivity.”

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