Not Your Father's Water Pipe

Having created the very successful cannabis brand Leafs By Snoop with the aid of Pentagram, rapper Snoop Dogg has now created a new brand—POUNDS—and various designs of glass water pipes with the design agency. 

From a Pentagram release: “POUNDS is a play on the 'LBS' monogram of Leafs By Snoop, as well as Snoop's dog–centric persona and the friendly fist–bump, or pound. POUNDS offers five unique water pipe designs, each featuring a stacked tube construction reminiscent of spacecraft and made of hand–blown borosilicate glass. Snoop named each pipe in the 'fleet' himself, from the simple Starship beaker to the more intricate Mothership....The POUNDS logo references the diamond facet shape in the Leafs By Snoop mark, extending it into five fingers that form a fist.”

The designers note that the product packaging is meant to be kept, as part of what they hope will become a collector's item. 

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