Nissan goes 2D

Nissan has joined the 2D-car logo bandwagon, joining recent converts BMW, MINI, and Volkswagen. The new logo is essentially a simplification of the previous design, although now the circle enclosure is incomplete, allowing the more widely letterspaced company name to break through on both sides.

There are actually four iterations of the logo: black on white, white on black, 2D white with shadow, and 3D white with shadow. The last two forms arose from the need to illuminate the logo on all-electric models, and the design needed to remain crisp and legible even when light, shadow, and angle became involved.

The goal of the redesign—the company’s first in 20 years—was to create a system that was “thin, light, and flexible,” says in-house brand management. The few samples released so far show these attributes in action. The highly simplified mark is shown against a variety backgrounds: solid colors, textures, and even photos. The brand-release video shows the logo itself built from water, flowing grass, flower petals, and crystals.


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