Nielson Hits Play

Television ratings company Nielson has its first new logo since 2007. Riffing off of the universal play button on most remotes, the brightly colored buttons form an N in their negative space (unfortunately, this is very similar to a new logo issued by Newsy, an American news network headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia).

Nielson has struggled of late, with traditional broadcasters dropping its services as the company has lost credibility regarding its ability to harvest accurate data in an ever-shifting media landscape.

A company news release explains the new logo: “As a prominent representation of the company, people and brand, the new logo is playful, optimistic and smart. Inspired by the universal play button as well as ratings, the forms come together subtly to create an ‘N’ letterform in the negative space, signifying insights revealed by Nielsen’s data and the constant momentum in media.

“The multitude of fresh colors speaks to the diversity and richness in media representing or containing a piece of data, a piece of music, a show, a content creator, or a member of the audience, all working together to move media forward. The green and orange triangles represent movement upward and downward, an expression of ratings and the popularity of content across all platforms. The red triangle nods towards the content not seen or heard. Data and insights are just as much about what people don’t choose to consume, as what they do consume.”

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