New Wordmark Projects

• Farmerline, one of the largest private employers in Ghana, has a new brand identity created by NB Studio. The goal of the project was to raise the stature and visibility of the organization so that it could attract more talent, partners, and investors. Using the sides of vehicles that would normally be seen in agricultural areas to display the bold new wordmark  creates instant mobile billboards.


• Design studio High Tide has created a new identity for a sleek new vacuum cleaner brand called Airsign. The vacuum was designed by industrial design firm Guerra Office.


“Vacuums have seen little to no innovation over the years and the industry was begging to be improved, not just in their design but how they were communicating their value to users and the world,” explains High Tide founder and creative director Danny Miller in a Creative Review article.


The brand positioning statement for the project—Tools for Modern Living—is meant to launch an entirely new way of thinking about modern home care. Sustainable, beautiful products that project humanity and warmth should be the norm.


• Sleep solutions manufacturer Sleepycat has a new brand identity that creates the same cozy, comfortable feeling that an actual sleepy cat would project. The relaxed forms of the letters in its wordmark rest on a subtly curved baseline. The double e’s look like half-closed eyes, while the tail on the y looks much like a lazy kitty tail.

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