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 Scotland has always been known as the birthplace of golf. Its long-time governing body has an updated logo that has been redesigned to better appeal to new and especially younger players. Attracting new players has become increasingly important throughout the golf world: the sport is generally regarded as an activity for rich older people with lots of time to kill.

Andrew McKinlay, CEO at Scottish Golf says, “Our new logo has been designed carefully to celebrate our history while also broadening our horizons to welcome new people into our game,” says Andrew McKinlay, Scottish Golf’s CEO. “As the governing body for the sport here in its home, we all take responsibility in being custodians of the game and its future. We know that it is important that we continue to adapt to changes in an evolving landscape to encourage more people to enjoy the game.”


British designers chime in with their views of the ongoing saga of the Prince Andrew/Meghan Markle “royal” brand.

“Losing the ‘Royal’ suffix really may be a blessing in disguise,” says Carl-Fredrik af Sandeberg, founder and senior strategic advisor of the agency Bold in a Creative Review article. “Harry and Meghan have set out that their future endeavors will involve community, charity, and altruism, and this clearly builds on areas associated with their work under the Royal umbrella. However, tying yourself to tradition can be limiting, when you’re attempting to create something seen as ‘self reliant’ and new.”


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