News from Australia

 The Edison Agency has created a new brand identity for food manufacturer Arnott’s—now The Arnott Group—that has cause a great deal of unhappiness among Australian consumers, especially those who love Tim Tam biscuits/cookies.

In business since 1865, Arnott’s brands have been firmly attached to a beloved cracker-nibbling parrot. The new parent brand also contains a parrot, but it is highly modernized and has much less personality. Consumers were not pleased. But company management has promised that the original parrot will not disappear from Tim Tams.

The Australian Institute of Botanical Science has a new logo courtesy of Hulsbosch. The new mark builds on Hulsbosch’s earlier work for the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.


From a Hulsbosch news release: “The distinctive new logo design uses a two-tone leaf symbol based on the Wollemi Pine. An ancient species, it is known to be one of the world’s oldest and rarest tree species belonging to a 200-million-year-old plant family and is a focus of extensive Institute research.”

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