New Medical Branding

Medow, a company that helps health care professionals find the support and resources they need to flourish in their taxing jobs, has a new logo and branding system created by Fable&Co. The palindrome-ish wordmark was designed to convey balance and was built using simple geometric shapes. The new color palette suggests freshness, growth, compassion, and trust.


The Thackray Medical Museum (Leeds, UK) is enjoying a sassy new branding scheme that includes such colors as pus green and vomit orange. Playing off the concept of “what’s inside us,” design firm O Street built an identity that speaks directly to the very human inclination to be curious about gross things. It’s a dramatic about-face away from stodgy museum language.


Differently Enabled clothing offers ease of movement to people with restricted mobility. Rather than creating a clinical identity for the company, design firm Blooming Visions’ solution focuses on movement. DE founder Craig Crawford says he loves the forward motion of the design, but also that viewers often see something different in the letters, including a rocket ship or USB plug, for example.

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