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The pandemic world has been a huge boon to delivery services old and new. Deliveroo actually launched in 2013. In 2016, DesignStudio rebranded the company with a charming and memorable rework of its original kangaroo logo. This Creative Review article shares how Deliveroo has continued to keep good design at the helm, not only to boost business, but to accomplish less orthodox but very valuable tasks, including finding ways to keep delivery employees safer while they are on the streets.


 Logistics management company Shipsy has flattened its original origami bird logo in a recent rebrand. The client’s wordmark has also been recast in caps and lower case, the latter with a high x-height that feels engaging and friendly. The now-abstracted bird creates a forward-pointing arrow that suggests the nature of the business.

The changes were meant to herald the company’s shift from portraying itself as a product-led business to a solutions-led business.

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