New Biochar Initiative

Biochar is a charcoal-like substance that is made by burning organic agriculture and forestry waste—biomass—with very little oxygen. This keeps carbons out of the atmosphere and creates biochar, which is an excellent soil supplement.

The International Biochar Initiative supports education, networking, and stakeholders in the biochar industry. Collectively, these groups aim to reduce greenhouse gases, make agriculture more sustainable, and help solve the global food security crisis.

The Initiative’s new logo, created by Friendly Design Co., reflects the group’s growth since it was launched 15 years ago. From the client’s website: “[T]he soft hexagon shape references biochar’s chemical composition, and the negative spaces suggest the veins of a leaf or branches of a tree (a nod to the foundations of IBI’s original logo). The gradation of charcoal and shades of green in the logomark suggest a process or cycle, like biochar production....”

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