National Identity for First Responders

Adaptive logos

AT&T has developed FirstNet, a communication system developed especially for first responders across the United States. The new network was built to keep emergency response channels open in times of disaster or other stressful situations that typically stress response communications. The system grew from recommendations issued by the 9/11 Commission.

Adaptive logos

An AT&T release explains the design of FirstNet’s new US flag-like logo: “[The symbol:] Three horizontal lines represent the distinct but interconnected disciplines of public safety. They’re united in communications, symbolized by a notch in the lower right corner. This forms a speech bubble that signifies seamless communication and harmonious interoperation for first responders nationwide.

“[For the wordmark,] we’ve bolded ‘first’ to show that this network is, first and foremost, a solution for first responders. The technology will never be more important than the first responders it benefits. This platform belongs to them. They fought for it, and they will continue to guide its development. Plus, they’ll always be first in line for service.”

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