Minute Maid’s Fresh New ID

Although Minute Maid sells juice in over 100 countries, its brand identity did not present the same everywhere. With the combined help of JonesKnowlesRitchie, Grey, VMLY&R, and Landor&Fitch, the Coca-Cola-owned company now has a global system that presents to all consumers in the same way.



From the Coca-Cola website: “The new visual identity is anchored by a warm, lively color palette inspired by the bright tones of fresh, ripe fruit. A softer, more natural typeface breathes new energy into the familiar Minute Maid expression, and invigorating photography paired with dynamic, asymmetric visuals cue feelings of vitality today’s consumers are seeking.”


The black block that holds the various regional names builds off of previous Minute Maid identities, nearly all of which had a solid black frame. In 2009, tiny leaves replaced the dots on the letter “i’s” in the name, and later revisions used the curved shape and color of the leaves on the top of the black box. Sometimes this resembled a sunrise or glowing hills. In the new design, the curves on the top of the block resemble the letter M, a subtle reference to the parent brand name Minute Maid no matter what the regional name might be.



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