Media Mogul Rebrands

Warner Media has been rebranded by Wolff Olins under the rallying call of “Shape Culture Here”

Wolff Olins design director, Alec Donovan explains the team’s goal. "We needed to showcase all of them to tell a larger story about their collective impact without upstaging them. This is why the core strategies and narratives were so important. They really helped inform and inspire so much of the final visual language of this new brand."

Warner Media rebrand by Wolff Olins

Walt Disney Imagineering has a new logo that is more closely modeled after founder Walt Disney’s signature

Walt Disney Imagineering New Brand

Warner Brothers new logo, by Pentagram

Warner Bros. also has a new logo, courtesy of Emily Oberman’s team at Pentagram. The company’s familiar shield is thinner and taller, and the entire design has been simplified

Warner Brothers New Logo Brand

Green Flame Warner Brothers Logo by Pentagram

Warner Brothers Logos with Movie Iconic Actors

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