Media Updates

• The L.A. Times’ Food section has a new logo/wordmark/masthead that is as flexible as food is diverse: its bold letterforms can easily be reproduced in any color or pattern or run over photos and textures to suggest any nationality, season, or genre.

Created inhouse, the design is built from very distinctive shapes. The letters f and d are idiosyncratic but still legible. The bowl of the d replicates the dinner-plate shapes of the double o’s.


• The London, Ontario, public library system has a new identity system, created by Bruce Mau Design. The redesign includes a new catalog system and a completely revamped visual language and website.

The stronger, more colorful new identity was built on an LPL logo that suggests a thought or speech bubble between two characters. This concept is played out into a whole host of other characters, explains Ellen Hobin, marketing director at the library.

“The fun part of our new logo is it also comes with these illustrations or little characters.... You’ll see the two L’s [from] the LPL logo kind of walking around with different shapes on top that represent the people who use the library, or the different things that the library can inspire in people,” she says.

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