Match Makeover

Founded in 1995, was one of the very first dating sites. Today, there are many similar sites that help people find all sorts of relationships, from simple friendships and hook-ups to religious matches or group-meets. Working with design firm COLLINS, Match has introduced a rebrand that it hopes will reemphasize its position as a founder, leader, and expert in making connections.

The redesign is straightforward. Most evident is the lettering, which definitely has more personality and interest, perhaps subtle references to traits people look for in a partner. The “a” leans in a bit, like a cuddle or friendly hello. Colors are basic, not flashy. Also new is the position of the heart. Moving it to the full-stop position puts the focus on the goal of the site—making solid connections—and not on the match-making process, like other “swipe-type” competitors do.

“Match strove for the effortlessness of a concierge’s wave, showing you to your table; almost invisible but deeply appreciated,” a COLLINS’ release explains.

“When someone’s been doing their job really well—for 25 years—they present a sense of calm, assuredness, and confidence,” says COLLINS partner and creative director Nick Ace. “Match is that standard bearer, and their mission has always been simple: to help singles find the kind of relationship they’re looking for.... We designed every piece of the brand and app to make good on that. The new identity reflects a brand that is wise, experienced, and has navigated every possible conversation. In a sea of dating apps, Match is the most experienced in the room.”

The photography used in the new system gives a smart new twist to the name Match. Previously, the name was used as a verb that described the process, as in “Let’s match you up.” The photos, especially those that show non-human pairings, reintroduce the name as a noun, main benefit, and goal: “What a beautiful match.”

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