Make Truth Visible

When the human rights organization WITNESS launched in 1992, it gave cameras to people in more than 60 countries to help them record and expose abuse and injustice. Today, cell phones give nearly everyone the ability to record physical abuse and now, cyberviolence and online fraud.

Winess new logo

Pentagram has created a new identity for the organization that puts new focus on the its philosophy, “Make the truth visible.” From the Pentagram website: ‘The striking typographic logo is set in Akzidenz Grotesk Medium, and the strapline ‘See It, Film It, Change It’. A new, colour palette has been developed and features more optimistic range of colours, as well as the familiar black and orange associated with the organisation.

“Cropped shots of people’s eyes from around the world, processed with a halftone dot technique, are also placed around the logo—a simple but extremely effective device which holds the viewer’s gaze. Imagery plays a key part in the identity, with a combination of reportage shots and portrait photography.”

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