Logo Design and Racism

The beauty and efficient design of the one-brick-thick serpentine walls at the University of Virginia attracted a lot of attention lately when the university released a new logo that referenced their shape. The wavy pattern was also planned to be used as part of the larger identity system. Turns out the wall design (which was invented by the Dutch) was used by school founder and slave owner/trader Thomas Jefferson to keep the enslaved people who kept food on the table and everything else running out of sight and mind.


A rectified sans-wall logo, and lots of apologies, were issued as a result.




The United States is not the only country with racist branding issues. An article from The Irish Times details how Ireland and other countries have held onto disturbing messaging that demands attention. Inexplicably, some identity problems are 100 percent U.S.-centric, such as some Irish soccer club fans who insist on bringing banned Confederate flags to matches.




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