Limerick Measures its Worth

M&C Saatchi has created a symbolically dense new brand for Limerick that is either open to creativity or rife for tomfoolery, depending on your belief in the basic goodness of people. The new system balances “edge” against “embrace,” and it depends in part on the local populace to explain exactly what that means.

Limerick’s geographical location, just 5 hours from the USA and as a centrally located gateway to European tourism and business with excellent travel connections, is referenced in the new design’s phrasing, “Atlantic Edge” and “European Embrace.” Complimenting that thought is the design’s path-like transition from water to land: blue represents the Atlantic Ocean and the River Shannon, and green stands in as the very traditional color of Ireland’s lush lands. 

The word “Limerick” in the logo contains a texture from the Treaty Stone, where the Treaty of Limerick is thought to have been signed. As the full logo is quite complex, the system also includes a highly simplified icon built from the basic L and K letter shapes in the full logo. It can be used in smaller applications as well as a framing device.

The “edge” and “embrace” percentage element of the new design is definitely where the most creativity and/or mischief can be introduced. The entire system and all of its guidelines have been released for local businesses and citizens to use in promoting the Limerick brand. From the brand website: “Our launch campaign, 'Percentages', is a way that everyone can get involved. Use the % icon on your own content and use social media to share with the world what % Edge and what % Embrace you, your products/offering and your business are using #HowLimerick.... Typical examples of Edginess might include references to Limerick’s gritty character, adventure activities, technology, street art scene, fashion or passion. Embrace examples might be human warmth or interaction, luxury, indulgence, food or friendship.”

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