Lessons for the New Year

Creative Bloq interviews a wide range of designers on their predictions for design in 2020. Among the anticipated directions is a greater focus on an organic look and feel. Andy Capper, creative director at Echo Brand Design, says in the article that we are more and more conscious of vanishing resources, especially time.


From the article: “’We all crave more openness and transparency, and we’re seeing type, colour, illustration, packaging and product design influenced by this.’ He offers some examples of what this looks like in practice. ‘From digital lifestyle brands like Uber, we’re seeing a softening and a simplicity, through their use of more approachable typography with fewer capitals, more circular letterforms and clean, naturalistic icons. In recent campaigns from Nike and Adidas, we’re seeing greater honesty to styling and photography, focusing on real individuals in less staged environments, reflecting a desire for more one-on-one conversations.”




Seven jump-starter reads from Fast Company, including a scary dive into DeepFakes, the software that allows anyone to create fake but incredibly realistic imagery anf videos. Where will the technology visual communication?




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