Lending Color to Success

Color plays an enormous role in branding, especially in the retail setting. Pentagram’s work with Saks Fifth Avenue shows how abstracted a logo can become and still be recognizable, thanks to the equity of the client’s black-and-white identity.

According to a recent article in Arch Daily, “Color amplifies brand recognition by an impressive 80 percent. This, in turn, catalyzes heightened sales, as brand familiarity fosters consumer trust. The strategic infusion of color within retail spaces serves as a mnemonic device, etching the brand into the subconscious memory of consumers. The association of products and services with brand-specific colors quietly shapes purchasing behaviors, standing as triggers that conjure the brand's presence when seen elsewhere.”





(Photo from https://www.pentagram.com/work/saks-fifth-avenue?rel=sector&rel-id=11)

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