LEGO Builds a Brand Foundation

LEGO’s famous System-in-Play principle ensures that LEGO bricks purchased many years ago will still fit perfectly with LEGO bricks purchased today. The toy creator has worked with Interbrand to apply that same solid foundation-concept to the LEGO brand.


The LEGO Group has done an amazing job of keeping its brand relevant and fresh through partnerships with Disney, Lucasfilms, and Warner Brothers, among others. The constant growth had led to the need for the Group to carefully consider how to preserve and grow its base vision: to help children learn through play. Interbrand worked the LEGO Group’s inhouse creative group (OLA) to identify 23 existing brand guidelines and 110 separate principles, then consolidated those down to five key design principles: Design for your audience, Build from its System-in-Play, Tell stories, Be playful and optimistic, and Keep it simple)

Implementing these principles began by studying modes of storytelling. From the Interbrand website: “Recognising that the company’s youngest fans are still learning to read, Interbrand and OLA [Our LEGO Agency] researched modes of visual storytelling. They found a promising answer in the semiotics of comic books and replicated these design elements when creating the brand experience....This included using LEGO minifigures, cells and speech bubbles, as well as Action Graphics—which provide a set of visual tools that allow one to narrate their own stories and feel a sense of emotion when playing with LEGO products.”

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