Kid's Stuff

•Dash, PBS Kids’ green bubble-boy mascot, has been dashed in a recent rebrand completed by PBS’s inhouse design team and Lippincott.


The previous logo, created in 1999, has been replaced by a type-only logo. Dash has been replaced by a large team of other big-eyed friends of different races, body types, ages and physical abilities.

• Designer Mike Endreola has updated the familiar flames-shaped Hot Wheels logo. The changes in the new design are very subtle: mostly, the mark has been flattened by the removal of reflection and dimension. The racing tire formed between the H and W is still rollin’ along.

• The new Muppets logo maintains Kermit green, but the familiar froggy-ruff is gone. The new design is decidedly more cinematic and Disney-esque. It focuses more on the organization rather than on specific characters.

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