Kick It Out Rebrands

Kick It Out, an organization that fights against discrimination of all kinds in UK football, launched a new identity this summer. It was created by Sky Creative, part of the Sky Sports family.


From the organization’s website: “Our new logo is inspired by the shape of a football, the sport we are most associated with. But it also references a club badge design, which is important because we want supporters to wear the Kick It Out logo with pride and engage other sports in our mission.

“The logo is deliberately hand-crafted to bring across attitude and energy, as well as a sense of our grassroots beginnings. The ‘IT’ is at the heart of the logo, representing everything Kick It Out stands against, which is all forms of discrimination.”


The logo can easily be displayed in other colors, especially those of football club badges/logos, allowing the branding to coexist in the same spaces, such as in an arena or on a shirt, where fans will paired marks as cooperating partners.

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