Ire-inducing Identities

Nike plays baseball

Nike MLB Team Logos

Nike, having replaced Majestic Athletics as the official provider of uniforms for Major League Baseball, is facing the vexation of baseball fans after daring to place its swoosh logo on the upper right front of the uniform shirt. Majestic and other previous suppliers such as Rawlings had placed their logos on the sleeve.

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Is 1990's vintage? Levi's thinks so

Levi's 1990's Vintage

The Levi’s brand is using a 1990s-inspired logo to promote its “vintage” (that is, 1990s) inspired clothing line, and some folks are not happy about it. It’s not the abandonment of the familiar batwing design that is making people grumpy. Instead, it is the use of a foot mark in place of the apostrophe. While many have scolded Levi’s for the decision, noting that the company should know better by now, perhaps the choice was an actual design nod to yesteryear (that is, the 1990s) when the uninformed foot mark/apostrophe swap was far more common.

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