Internal ID Adjustments

• Coca-Cola is changing a 60-year-old identity attribute for Sprite: the clear soft drink will no longer be packaged in green plastic bottles. Instead, more recyclable clear plastic bottles will be used. Taking color out of plastic bottles improves their quality as recycled products.

The Sprite logo and bottle shape has also been updated so that it is consistent in all markets. Other Coke products, including Fresca, Seagram’s, and MelloYello will also be repackaged in clear plastic containers in the next few months.


• Adidas has covered two new buildings on its Portland, Oregon, campus with many attributes of its own brand, some subtle and artful and others bold and logical.


Sports-centric visuals are everywhere. A meeting room has bleachers instead of conventional conference room table and chairs. Huge sneaker-sole patterns adorn a stairway ceiling, and stadium-style wayfinding signs point the way to restrooms and other locations.


Created by Studio O+A and Lever Architecture, the design plan uses the three-stripe Adidas logo sparingly. Studio O+A design director Mindi Weichman explains that it isn’t really necessary as people in these spaces are already so immersed in other brand traits. (Photo: Garrett Rowland/courtesy Studio O+A.)

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