Informal Structures

• Nordoff-Robbins is one of those organizations whose name says nothing about its beneficial services: since 1959, it has used music therapy to help children with psychological, physical, or developmental disabilities. Today, it is the UK’s largest music therapy organization.

Pentagram created a new identity for the organization to make its invisible benefits visible. The system’s new logo is a monogram that connects the N and R with sound waves, illustrating both music and the connections made through therapy.



• Freeform is the new name for the ABC Family channel, a division of Disney. Its shows are selected especially for young adult consumers, programming that might not find audiences elsewhere.

When asked to create a new identity for Freeform that is better crafted for a younger people, designers at COLLINS noted that these audiences are not coming-of-age, but in a “constant state of becoming—and who want shows that help them expand their world, not escape from it.”

The notion of being in a state of becoming means that there will be twists and turns. The new Freeform logo aptly reflects that state of flux and flex, especially when put in motion. It’s a versatile typographic solution that is especially well-suited for broadcast graphics.

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