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Leo Burnett London

Adaptive logos

Leo Burnett London has a new identity that that focuses on “core values” and features the founder’s iconic glasses, apples, and pencils.

From an AdWeek article: “The fruit recalls an anecdote in which a competitor told Burnett, who died in 1971, that he would be on the street selling apples before he made money in the advertising business. The images also prominently feature the black Alpha 245 pencil Burnett routinely used and, of course, the thick black glasses that might have earned him the name ’hipster’ in a another age.”

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Adaptive logos

Columbia is the world’s second-leading exporter of fresh flowers, a fact that the Columbia Association of Flower Exporters wanted to capitalize on. It asked SmartBrand and 4.0 Brands to create a new identity and name that were less literal and more emotional.

Adaptive logos

The designers grew an identity that focuses on the emotions that flowers evoke, such as joy and inspiration. Of course, liberal use of color plays a part in the form of freeform, Matisse-like shapes. It’s a national brand that stresses diversity and the actual product while avoiding the previous identity’s inadvertent and distracting connection with tourism.

Adaptive logos

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