Identity Germination

• The American Horticultural Society is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a new logo that literally dazzles the viewer with energy. The alternating petal colors of the organization’s flower icon, combined with its glowing center, draw in the viewer, welcoming new members.

For the horticulturist, the icon contains even more meaning: the center of a flower actually contains the fertile parts of the flower that can produce seeds—an apt analogy to an organization dedicated to growing and promoting good horticultural practices.


• Pearlfisher has created a new identity for Thistle, a plant-based meal delivery service founded in 2013. The new logo has much more personality than the company’s previous black dot-design, plus it communicates growth and plants.

An important part of the new identity is the color palette. From a press release announcing the design: “Oat and Peppercorn colors [used in the logo act] as a grounding and neutral canvas that allows the vibrant hues of Thistle's plant-rich food to take center stage... with secondary colors like Beet, Cantaloupe, Celery, and Kale adding a pop of vibrancy and earthiness reflecting the ingredients themselves.”

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