How to Speak Plant

The Royal Horticultural Society—or RHS—was founded in 1804 and is the UK’s leading gardening charity. Unless you are a “plant person,” that information may not really stir your loins. On the surface, it sounds stuffy and irrelevant.

Design Bridge was charged with creating a new identity for the RHS that expresses the personal benefit of the organization in more emotional and appreciable ways. It’s a tricky proposition, as gardening is both a centuries-old tradition and a pastime someone might have picked up this week. The design team used the theme of growth to unite all audiences.


“Using the design idea of the transformative power of growth, we designed visuals that are consistently evolving and transforming. By layering textures, vibrant seasonal colour palettes and a mix of historical botanical illustrations and typefaces alongside new moving imagery, we formed a design system which is reflective of both the past, present and future of the organization,” explains Design Bridge creative director Tim Vary, in a Creative Review article.

Botanical illustrations by Paul Desmond and lettering by Rob Clarke are layered over contemporary photos. Bold colors inspired by nature add to the mix, creating  lush messaging that communicates of the transformative power of plants and gardening.

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