Sadly, it's all too common these days to see logo-mills or unscrupulous individuals ripping off legitimate designers' work and selling it as their own, deceiving their own customers in the process. But there's a new weasel afoot, one who takes deceit to dizzying new heights.

LogoGarden—which should probably be spelled "LowGoGarden"—is ripping off some of the most famous logo designs in the world and reselling them, with oh-so-minute modifications, as its own product. It's the most egregious example of logo theft we've seen yet, and while we don't often use this space for railing, it feels right to bring it to your attention. There are reportedly more than 10,000 designs on this site, so it may be worth your time to look for your own work there, and if you find it, to take action. 

In full disclosure, there are in the mix many examples of work from Gardner Design, owned by LogoLounge founder Bill Gardner. Bill has more information on the situation at