Happy Accident, Happy Ending

DesignStudio London created an honest and friendly voice in a new brand identity for Getsafe, an insurance start-up targeted at the 30 and under set. Instead of avoiding discussion of risk or scolding, Getsafe’s approach is to simply admit that stuff happens, and its insurance is there to help everything turn out well. 

From DesignStudio’s web site: “The identity system embraces happy accidents—those moments when you make a mistake, but it works out in the end to make things unexpectedly better. Like life, the logo is imperfect and waves out of line. And the same goes for the bespoke typeface that we developed with good type foundry which we’ve named ‘Adieu Accident’.”

The system uses calming colors and typography that slides out and then back into ordered shapes, plus photos that speak to a young person’s world—a smashed bike, a drowned phone, a stolen laptop. Other literature and billboards address the “what ifs” of moving, having drinks with friends, pet insurance and other instances that are common for this set of customers.




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