GSK Introduces Haleon

Haleon is GlaxoSmithKline’s new consumer health spin-off. It enters the room as the largest such business in the world. From the company’s website:  “[The name was] inspired by the merging of the words 'Hale', which is an old English word that means 'in good health' and Leon, which is associated with the word 'strength'. The new brand identity was developed with input from employees, healthcare practitioners and consumers and will be deployed in more than 100 markets around the world where the business operates.”


The new name was introduced in early 2022. Parent company GSK unveiled its own new identity in June 2022. Wolff Olins created that new plan, but so far, it appears as though the Haleon identity was created inhouse.

In identity graphics that have been released so far, the green crossbar from the E in HALEON is repurposed as banners, dividers, frames, and illustrations. As a consumer health brand, the E graphic suggests equality, a guided pathway to wellness, and an aspirational target for better health.



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