Growing a Green Brand

Square Roots’ mission is to responsibly bring locally grown food to people in cities around the world, all year round. Its technology-enabled indoor farms look and behave very differently than traditional farming operations. The square and rectangular shapes of the shipping containers the company uses as year-round, weather-safe growing houses drove the redesign of its brand identity, created by COLLINS.

From a company release: “Square Roots’ new logo aims to balance the technical precision of the company’s industry-leading, smart-farm platform with the organic forms of the food it grows. This can be seen with the juxtaposition between the rounded letterforms and the rectangular counters in the company’s wordmark, which are a nod to the upcycled shipping containers Square Roots incorporates in its farm design. The brand palette is a collection of vibrant, modern colors abundant in the flavorful food the company’s farmers grow.

“For the company’s newly designed packaging, a disruptive vertical label orientation is entirely different from what is on the shelves in the produce aisle today.... It serves as a nod to Square Roots’ beginnings in vertical farming. The thinner label format showcases more of the company’s product with a clear, bold type hierarchy... [A]ll of the company’s produce is 100% traceable with a scannable QR code on every package, allowing consumers to see how, where, and who grew their greens.”

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