Fun and Names

• Goolf is a matchmaking app that helps golfers find course partners. Wildish & Co created the new identity for the service with the goals of bringing together new and experienced players, women and men, and younger and older golfers. In short, Goolf wants to make the game more accessible and attractive to everyone.


Green is a natural central color for the identity, but pink and blue accents help people realize that the service is for everyone.


The highly stylized G at the start of the new name references existing shapes on a golf course. “We were interested in what we could do with the shape of the fairway, so we played with the curves and bends of the course, tying it up in the knot of the G,” explains Wildish & Co managing director Sam Fresco.


• Big C Charters is a fishing and excursion charter boat service founded by 6'8" former professional basketball player Christian Cavanaugh. Big C is Christian’s nickname, describing his stature as well as the big catches his service promises.


Mucho created an iconic identity for Big C that neatly combines the letter C with the shape of a hook. The logo drove the creation of a very tall and thin alphabet, Big C Sans, that is used throughout the identity. The bright colors used as accents in the plan were inspired by the high-visibility colors that fishermen wear for safety, including yellow and red.

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