From Ordinary to Ownable

The Citadel has rebranded its athletics program identity through the combined efforts of in-house creative director Stanton Adams; Joe Bosack & Company; and the input of hundreds of the military school’s alumni, students, and staff.


Goals for the new system included:

• The school should always be referred to as “The Citadel,” not just “Citadel”;

• “Infantry blue” should be the most prominent color;

• The new brand should stress the military and the Corps of Cadets; and

• The bulldog should look fierce and strong, but not cartoonish.

Also important was creating a distinctive C logo that stood out from other nearby colleges that also used similar block C marks. It was also crucial to design a bulldog that was truly unique: unfortunately, that animal is the third most common college mascot in the United States. 


The new designs accomplish all of these goals. The curves in the block C mimic the Spanish Moorish architecture seen all over campus, and the star at its middle references patriotism, the military, and academic excellence.

Instead of a spiked color, the new bulldog mascot has the same collar as the school’s iconic full-dress uniform. It’s a small touch, but one that connects very well with students and alumni

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