From Knight to Play

King Arthur Flour Company is now King Arthur Baking Company. Sales for the company’s products reportedly increased 2,000 percent in March 2020 as people were quarantined and finding comfort in baking, but the rebrand started more than 18 months ago. 

The company was founded in 1790 and went by other names until 1896 when its then-managers introduced its “new and improved” flour at the Boston Food Fair, naming it King Arthur for its Arthurian attributes: “purity, loyalty, honesty, superior strength, and a dedication to a higher purpose,” according to the King Arthur website. An image of a white knight on horseback, carrying the flag of St. George, has been used ever since as part of the company’s identity system.

The new logo keeps the circle enclosure used in the previous design, but it now contains a stylized crown with a wheat grain at its center. The tagline “Bake Joy” reframes what baking can be—not just creating food for sustenance, but improving one’s world through giving and exploration. The crown can be used sticker-style to reward those that are embracing the “bake joy” attitude. The crown and wheat grain symbol are also being reused on patterning and merch.



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