From Four, One Brand

In 2023, four museums in the Netherlands—Tropenmuseum, Africa Museum, Museum Volkenkunde, and Wereldmuseum—merged under one name to become Wereldmuseum. (The individual locations will remain the same.) Wieden+Kennedy’s Amsterdam office created the blended institution’s new identity.


The client’s new central logo is a handwritten set WM initials; the letters are stacked to suggest a human figure. The mark can be animated, used as a 3D form, created with different brushstrokes and colors, and more, which makes the design extremely versatile.

From the museum’s website: “[People] leave their sometimes tangible, sometimes abstract imprint on life. This had to be reflected in the new logo. Together, the handwritten letters W and M form a human figure, and they will be written slightly differently by different people, showing infinite variety—just like humans themselves.”

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